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Birds are intelligent creatures that require mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy. Fear not! In this article, we’ll explore three parts filled with budget-friendly DIY bird toys projects that will keep your feathered friend entertained without breaking the bank. Let’s dive in!

Part 1: Foraging Toys

Level 1 Content: Foraging toys are excellent for keeping birds mentally stimulated and engaged.

Here are two easy-to-make foraging toys:

  1. The Nutty Pinecone Surprise: Materials needed:
  • A pinecone
  • Nut butter (peanut, almond, or cashew)
  • Birdseed or small treats
  • Twine or string

Instructions: a) Tie a length of twine or string securely to the top of the pinecone. b) Spread a generous layer of nut butter over the pinecone. c) Roll the pinecone in birdseed or small treats, ensuring they stick to the nut butter. d) Hang the pinecone in your bird’s cage, making sure it’s at a comfortable height for them to reach.

  1. The Paper Bag Piñata: Materials needed:
  • A small paper bag
  • Bird-safe shreddable materials (paper strips, untreated raffia, or dried leaves)
  • Bird treats or small toys
  • Twine or string

Instructions: a) Fill the paper bag with bird-safe shreddable materials and treats or toys. b) Securely tie the top of the bag with twine or string, leaving enough length to hang it. c) Hang the bag in your bird’s cage, allowing them to tear it open and discover the hidden treasures inside.

Level 2 Content: Take these foraging toys to the next level with some variations:

  1. The Nutty Pinecone Surprise with a Twist: Instead of using the same nut butter every time, try different flavors to add variety and keep your bird intrigued.
  2. The Paper Bag Piñata with Multiple Layers: To make the toy more challenging, create multiple layers within the paper bag. Fill each layer with different shreddable materials and treats. Your bird will have to tear through each layer to unveil the surprises hidden inside.

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Part 2: Chewing Toys

Level 1 Content: Chewing toys are perfect for birds that love to nibble and keep their beaks busy.

Here are two simple DIY chewing toys:

  1. The Colorful Straw Chain: Materials needed:
  • Colorful plastic straws
  • Bird-safe string or leather lace

Instructions: a) Cut the plastic straws into equal lengths, around 1-2 inches. b) String the straws onto the bird-safe string or leather lace, alternating colors. c) Tie a knot at both ends to secure the straws in place. d) Hang the straw chain in your bird’s cage, ensuring it’s at an appropriate height for them to chew on.

  1. The Wooden Block Bonanza: Materials needed:
  • Unfinished wooden blocks (bird-safe and untreated)
  • Bird-safe string or leather lace

Instructions: a) String the wooden blocks onto the bird-safe string or leather lace, varying their sizes and shapes. b) Tie a knot at both ends to secure the blocks in place. c) Hang the wooden block toy in your bird’s cage, allowing them to enjoy hours of chewing and exploring.

Level 2 Content: Take these chewing toys up a notch with the following variations:

  1. The Colorful Straw Chain with Edible Delights: Add a tasty twist to the straw chain by threading small bird-safe fruits or veggies between the straws. This way, your bird can enjoy both nibbling the straws and feasting on the healthy treats hidden within.
  2. The Wooden Block Bonanza with Bell Jingles: Enhance the wooden block toy’s appeal by adding small bird-safe bells or jingling beads between the blocks. The pleasant sound will capture your bird’s attention and make the toy even more engaging.

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Part 3: Interactive Toys

Level 1 Content: Interactive toys provide mental stimulation and encourage physical activity.

Here are two DIY ideas for interactive bird toys:

  1. The Hanging Popsicle Stick Puzzle: Materials needed:
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Bird-safe string or leather lace
  • Non-toxic glue

Instructions: a) Glue popsicle sticks together to create a simple square or rectangular shape. b) Create multiple shapes with popsicle sticks, allowing them to interlock when hung together. c) Tie the popsicle stick shapes onto bird-safe string or leather lace, ensuring they can rotate and move freely. d) Hang the puzzle toy in your bird’s cage, encouraging them to solve the puzzle and manipulate the moving parts.

  1. The Tug-of-War Rope: Materials needed:
  • Bird-safe rope or thick shoelaces
  • Bird-safe wooden beads or blocks
  • Bird-safe dye (optional)

Instructions: a) Cut the rope or shoelaces into equal lengths, around 10-12 inches. b) Thread the wooden beads or blocks onto each length of rope, knotting both ends to secure them in place. c) If desired, dye the rope with bird-safe dye to add vibrancy. d) Hang the tug-of-war rope toy in your bird’s cage, allowing them to tug, chew, and explore the different textures.

Level 2 Content: Take these interactive toys to the next level with these variations:

  1. The Hanging Popsicle Stick Puzzle with Treats: Attach small treat cups or pouches to the popsicle stick shapes using bird-safe string. Fill the cups or pouches with your bird’s favorite treats. This way, they can enjoy the challenge of solving the puzzle while being rewarded with delicious surprises.
  2. The Tug-of-War Rope with Bell Rings: Thread small bird-safe bells onto the rope between each wooden block or bead. The jingling sounds will provide auditory stimulation and add an extra level of excitement to your bird’s playtime.

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Part 4: Puzzle Toys

Level 1 Content: Puzzle toys challenge your bird’s problem-solving skills and keep them mentally engaged.

Here are two DIY puzzle toys to try:

  1. The Treat Dispensing Bottle: Materials needed:
  • An empty plastic bottle with a lid (make sure it’s bird-safe)
  • Bird treats or pellets

Instructions: a) Clean and dry the plastic bottle thoroughly. b) Cut several small holes in the sides or bottom of the bottle. c) Fill the bottle with bird treats or pellets. d) Secure the lid tightly, ensuring the treats won’t fall out too easily. e) Place the treat-filled bottle in your bird’s cage, encouraging them to figure out how to retrieve the treats through the holes.

  1. The Paper Roll Puzzle: Materials needed:
  • Empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls
  • Bird treats or small toys

Instructions: a) Flatten the paper rolls and fold them in half lengthwise. b) Stuff the rolls with bird treats or small toys. c) Fold the ends of the rolls to keep the treats or toys secure. d) Scatter the paper roll puzzles around your bird’s cage, stimulating their natural curiosity to unravel the puzzle and discover the hidden rewards.

Level 2 Content: Take these puzzle toys up a notch with these variations:

  1. The Treat Dispensing Bottle with Level of Difficulty: Adjust the difficulty level of the treat dispensing bottle by varying the size and number of holes. Start with larger and more accessible holes, gradually decreasing their size or increasing the number of holes as your bird becomes more adept at retrieving the treats.
  2. The Paper Roll Puzzle with Wrapping Paper Surprise: Wrap the paper towel or toilet paper rolls with bird-safe wrapping paper or toys. This adds an extra layer of challenge as your bird has to unwrap the rolls to access their rewards.

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Creating engaging and stimulating bird toys doesn’t have to strain your wallet. With these budget-friendly DIY ideas, you can provide your feathered companion with hours of entertainment and mental enrichment. Remember, always prioritize your bird’s safety by using bird-safe materials and supervising their playtime. Get creative, have fun, and watch your bird’s joy as they interact with their new homemade toys!

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