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Montella Discusses the Ideal Striker

Milan coach Vincenzo Montella described his ideal striker and believes M’Baye Niang still has the qualities to become a class player Situs Poker.

Milan made no secret of their desire to bring in an attacker, with players such as Aubameyang and Andrea Belotti being linked, as Niang is still a Rossoneri player, although the issue will be to open the room for the arrival of a new striker.

“We’ve had a lot of improvements. Niang for example, he performed remarkably with Bayern Munich, “the coach told the media.

“He has a very precise profession and can be a top player, but he must be able to manage things very well.

“There’s no reason to be unsure of M’Baye Niang, but that depends on him.

“Our owners are very respectful of every position, which is unusual in the world of football. And our job is to be as competitive as possible.

“The President’s approach is amazing, he’s always there for us. The other night, he asked me to defend the spirit of Milan and was amazed by it. The team always deserves to get this.

“Exchange transfer? Our main focus right now is to get a striker, then a winger and a central midfielder, but there’s nothing to be rushed about.

“The ideal striker? He has to combine several things. He must have instinct, be useful and know how to play for the team. ”

Montella also admits her dream has come true this summer and shows her desire to bring her care team into the top five clubs in the world.

“This is a really great summer,” Montella admitted.

“My dream came true and we’re still not done.

“Perhaps a number of players we have brought in and expenses incurred for them cause confusion, but the reality is that the club is doing an extraordinary job.

“It’s really our movement in the transfer window is very agile to be able to squeeze Napoli. This team will unite as time passes. I really want to bring this team into the top five clubs in the world back. “

July 26th, 2017

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