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Do not Want To Speech, Conte Call Opportunity Chelsea Premier League Small League

Antonio Conte insists that honesty is the best policy after sticking with his statement that Chelsea are out of battle for the Premier League title this season.

The Blues manager has stated at the weekend that his third-placed club is no longer in the competition for the Premier League title. The defeat at home to West Ham in the 16th week is increasingly keep them from the top of the standings.

Chelsea then did win a cons against Huddersfield in the 17th week. It was their seventh win in the last nine league games. However Conte confirms his honest assessment of their title prospects amid the glory of Manchester City.

“If you want the truth, this is the truth. We have 14 fewer points than Manchester City. In 16 games they win 15 times and draw once. In 17 games we lost four times. If we have a competitor like City and every game they can win, it’s very hard to think we can fight for that title, “Conte said.

Depends on the performance of Manchester City

Conte added his team will still struggle until the season is really over. But he underlined that the current competition in the Premier League is very dependent on the performance of Manchester City. Other teams should expect The Citizens not once to stumble once to catch up.

“We have to be realistic and tell the truth. I would rather tell the truth than give a good lie. I like this and sometimes I can be too honest but I like to talk very honestly with my players and also our fans, “he added.

“But that does not mean we do not want to try to chase them. But we must expect them to have a big downfall and we win every game in this league. And that’s very difficult in this league. We have to give 120 per cent effort and if not, we risk losing points, “continued Conte.

Conte’s players respond to their manager’s weekend comments by earning three additional points in the game against Huddersfield in Yorkshire. Huddersfield himself is a team that makes two Manchester teams difficult this season. United lost in October while last month Manchester City fell behind before claiming victory in the 84th minute.

The Blues themselves plan to strengthen their team in order to increase the chances to catch Manchester City, with Alex Sandro being one of their main targets. (Source: Team Talk)

December 14th, 2017

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