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5 Things You Can Learn from Indonesia’s Vs Vietnam Stunt

Indonesia national team to play a goalless draw against Vietnam national team in advanced SEA Games 2017, Tuesday (22/08/2017). There are a number of things to watch out for the outcome of Indonesia vs Vietnam match.

Here are some interesting things should also be considered from the game Indonesia vs Vietnam:

1. Miss Evan Dimas

In the match versus Vietnam, Indonesia played without Evan Dimas. The attack manager must be absent because he has received two yellow cards.

Without Evan Dimas, Indonesia seems difficult to develop the game. Apart from the slick game of Vietnam, Luis Milla’s troops have trouble developing the game so it always dominated the opponent.

2. The importance of emotional control

Indonesia had to play with 10 players throughout the last 30 minutes of the match after Hanif Sjahbandi was sent off by the referee. Arema FC midfielder was expelled for elbowing the opponent’s players.

If previously not received any yellow cards, Hanif’s offense deserve sanctions. It also proves that the players still need to control the emotions, let alone underdeveloped.

“He is a young player and sometimes a mistake.” In the future, young players should be more emotionally controlled, “said coach Luis Milla after the game.

3. Excitement can overwhelm excellence

Indonesia more often play in opponent pressure when facing Vietnam. However, the fighting spirit Hansamu Yama cs make the goalkeeper Indonesia remains virgin for 90 minutes, despite being bombarded many times.

“I am very happy with the children tonight, they play full of struggles tirelessly,” Milla told reporters, including at a press conference after the fight.

“We admit that Vietnam is more dominant but we are able to hold it especially if we play with 10 players,” said captain Hansamu Yama.

4. Have two tough goalkeepers

In the game Indonesia Vs Vietnam, Luis Milla was forced to play two goalkeepers. It was not separated from the injury suffered by Satria Tama in the middle of the second half.

Satria Tama is then pulled out and Kartika Ajie enters. In fact, the last name is also not in fit condition due to a minor injury in the match versus East Timor on Sunday (08/20/2017).

However, Indonesia’s goal remains untouched by goals from Vietnamese players – except for two offside shots. This proves that Milla has two options right under the crossbar.

5. Great escape opportunities

The draw has indeed left Indonesia in third place Group B with 8 points, two points behind Vietnam and Thailand. However, the last two countries will face each other in the final match.

If in Vietnam vs Thailand one team win, Hansamu cs enough win with any score against Cambodia who always lose from four previous games.

Another case if Vietnam vs Thailand play a draw. Because the first measured is productivity, Indonesia must win with a minimum score of difference of three goals to qualify.

“For me the series is a series, but we can be a moral victory today,” Milla said.

“I hope this draw will boost the spirits to win the next game, we have two days to prepare the team,” said the Spaniard.

October 11th, 2017

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Choose Persebaya, Rangga Muslim Apologize PSIM Jogjakarta

The puzzle of joining Rangga Muslim in the Persebaya squad has finally been missed. He chose proposal Persebaya to harbor his heart and leave PSIM Jogjakarta.

The player from Bima, West Nusa Tenggara, apologized to all the supporters of PSIM Jogjakarta, because they can not give their best in the preliminary round of League 2 and qualify for the round of 16.

“I thank the supporters of PSIM supporters who have supported me when I joined PSIM, I apologize for still not being able to give the best and bring the psim to the round of 16,” said Rangga.

Previously the name of Rangga Muslim is the fruit of the lover of football lovers in Yogyakarta, especially the supporters of PSIM. Rangga had previously insisted on leaving the club.

Even the management of Persebaya had dodged will not take Rangga Muslim as Bajol Ijo squad. In fact Persebaya smitten also with the performance of former PSIM Jogjakarta midfielder.

Even so, through Media Official (MO) Persebaya, Rocky Maghbal, admitted if later Rangga Muslim will be the stock of middle players in Team Bajol Ijo.

“The harshness of some games that led to the management to maintain the stamina of the players, especially the midfielder,” he said.

October 3rd, 2017

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Persipura Vs Persib, Coach While Ready to Face Expenses

Yaya Sunarya in full control in Persib Bandung coaching chair against Persipura Jayapura at Mandala Krida Stadium on Monday (8/28/2017), at 13:30 pm.

Although not the first time in full control, Yaya Sunarya burdened the responsibility of carrying points from the cage Persipura.

“If the burden, there must be, so I feel ready to carry out the task and through this obstacle,” said Yaya Sunarya who now serves the caretaker Persib, quoted from, Monday (28/08/2017).

After leaving Herrie Setyawan who attended the AFC licensed coaching course, physical trainer Yaya Sunarya fill the position of coach while Persib.

“If nothing to lose, I do not know can or enggaknya,” he said.

“Because if it’s in the safe zone it could just make me a baseball alert, I do not want to be like that,” Yaya said.

Yaya claimed could not take a crucial decision off the field. Decisions are still taken by the ranks of coaches and Persib Manager.

“Even if I stand in front, I have to behave as a coach, but inside, to make a decision, I can not stand alone,” Yaya said.

Persib Bandung track record that the middle of slick, especially when Persib faced Persipura at the Mandala Stadium last year, little motivate.

“Yes, at least it’s a motivational capital for us, football is dynamic, so we have to try our best,” Yaya said.

August 28th, 2017

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Last Test, U-19 National Team Will Fight Two Teams

U-19 national team Indonesia will melakoni last test match at the Pakansari Stadium before leaving for Myanmar. According to the plan, troops made by Indra Sjafri will fight two teams that are not too strong in anticipation of injury players.

“Later we find the level is not too strong,” said Indra after leading the team’s training at the Stadium UNY, Tuesday (22/08/2017).

Indra said, in the trial later U-19 national team will directly fight two teams. The format is 2×45 minutes against two different teams.

“It’s the last test, we’ll try in 2×45 minutes with a different team,” he explained.

Described, trials in the final stages of training camp (TC) is common for every coach. The purpose of this trial is to practice what you have gained during the exercise.

“We want them to practice what they have been trained like service, free kick, all we apply there,” he said.

“We do not want to take risks with heavy opponents, we also tell the coach, who is not the national team test them, so do not intend to injure, we really want,” he said.

August 23rd, 2017

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Umuh: Bobotoh Can Come to the Stadium, but Not Use Attribute

Persib Bandung, through Manager Umuh Muchtar, said, bobotoh can support directly at the stadium when the fight versus PS Persib versus TNI at Jalak Harupat Stadium, Saturday (5/8/2017) Agen Maxbet.

However, while watching the live game, bobotoh should not use attributes.

Umuh hoping bobotoh still provide support for Persib.

“Bobotoh temporarily do not use the attributes, but still can support directly at Jalak (Stadium Starling Harupat) tomorrow (when opponents PS TNI),” said Umuh, as quoted from the club’s official website,

Sanctions without these attributes apply up to three matches Persib in the future.

The matches are away to Arema FC, Sriwijaya FC, and host Persegres Gresik United.

“After that, (bobotoh) can support again with the attribute,” said Umuh.

Previously, the Commission Displin PSSI impose sanctions to Persib Bandung due to the behavior of supporters.

This punishment related to the riot that occurred when Persib host Persija at Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire Lake, Saturday (07/22/2017).

At that time, bobotoh proved to light the flares, throwing bottles into the field, and the commotion and pengeroyokan against other supporters.

August 1st, 2017

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