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Frustration Bonucci

A deep disappointment was felt by Leonardo Bonucci after AC Milan’s victory was broken by Benevento in injury time Judi bola. The reason, Milan is in desperate need of victory.

Milan has just changed his coach. After dismissing Vincenzo Montella, the Rossoneri picked Gennaro Gattuso as allenatore.

After switching coach, Milan hope to get back on track victory. Moreover, they ‘only’ will face the team caretaker, Benevento, who up to 14 games always suffer defeat.

Compete at Stadio Ciro Vigorito in giornata 15, Sunday (3/12/2017) night WIB, Milan like going home with victory after leading 2-1 to enter injury time. They are ahead thanks to goals from Giacomo Bonaventura and Nikola Kalinic.

But Milan’s victory disrupted in the final seconds. Benevento scored the equalizer in the 95th minute with a goalkeeper header, Alberto Brignoli. Milan also had to settle for sharing points 2-2 with Benevento who earned his first number.

This result is also very unfortunate Bonucci. Because, looking at the situation and position of the current team, Milan called him desperately need a victory.

“We are not happy at all, not taking home three points in this crucial and important moment of the season, after replacing the coach, frustrating it,” Bonucci told Milan TV.

“Victory can give us encouragement, but we talk again about our shortcomings, we have to forget this and look ahead with our heads upright, always trying to improve, we have the capital to rise.”

“We have to improve our game, in defense, more firmly when holding the ball, we have to keep working on the pitch to realize our strength,” Bonucci added.

Can be only one point, Milan are still stuck in the eighth position with 21 points from 15 matches. They are 13 points behind AS Roma in the Champions League zone border.

December 4th, 2017

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Benfica Goalkeeper It Can Be Valuable Experience as opposed to Man United

Benfica young goalkeeper Mile Svilar becomes the hero and cause of his team’s defeat against Manchester United in Champions League fourth matchday at Old Trafford Stadium on Tuesday (31/10/2017) In the game, Benfica must recognize the benefits of the host with a score of 0-2.

Man United’s winning goal scored through Mile Svilar’s suicide (in the 45th minute) and Daley Blind’s penalty (78 ‘). It is not worth all the mistakes inflicted on Svilar because of an own goal that occurred in the game.

18-year-old goalkeeper was just having bad luck because his efforts to hold the ball kick Nemanja Matic just become the main cause of the goal occurred. The ball bouncing off the pole of his body and into the goal. In fact, previously successful Svilar became a hero after Benfica thwarted the execution of Anthony Martial’s penalty in the 15th minute.

“Of course, what I feel is mixed up, there’s so much happiness in the first twenty minutes, but I can not do anything if it’s all about luck,” Svilar told

However, Svilar admitted happy with the performance and experience that he can face against Man United. Admittedly, all that would be very valuable for him.

“I really enjoy the game, for players of my age, this experience is something very special,” said Svilar.

“We played very well, had a lot of chances, but David de Gea (United Man United keeper) who performed well was able to thwart everything,” he said.

November 1st, 2017

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Man United Vs Tottenham, Mourinho’s Flatter Notes over Pochettino

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho can be an important figure in Manchester United’s effort to stop the record two Premier League matches without maximum points.

Manchester United headquarters will be visited by Tottenham Hotspur in the 10th weekend Premier League game on Saturday (28/10/2017).

The hosts need three points to keep their distance with top standings, Manchester City.

If you win, Man United can also stay away from the pursuit of Tottenham who currently has the same collection points, which is 20 points.

With Tottenham’s slick appearance this season, it is certainly not easy for the Red Devils to secure three points.

Moreover, last week, the club from City of London was managed to beat Liverpool with a score of 4-1, a hard-fought opponent Man United in the previous week.

For the sake of victory, Man United should expect the manager, Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho has a good head-to-head record with Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino.

The man nicknamed The Special One won nine of 12 meetings with Pochettino.

Mourinho just suffered a defeat from the Argentine’s manager twice.

Even so, the Portuguese manager should be wary because two Pochettino victories are achieved in the last three teams (3-0, 2-1).

October 28th, 2017

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Juventus Valued Needs to Improve Line-Back Quality

Juventus director, Giuseppe Marotta, assesses his team needs to improve the quality of the back line. According to Marotta, his team has had a pretty good attack.

Juventus have conceded nine goals in Serie A throughout the 2017-2018 season. The amount is more than Napoli, Inter Milan, and AS Roma are both just enter five goals.

The condition is quite worrying for Juventus. The reason, I Bianconeri always be the team with the best defense in Serie A in the last six seasons.

Negative record that makes Juventus considered to make a mistake in the transfer market summer 2017 by selling Leonardo Bonucci. However, Marotta denied the assumption.

“We did not have any more points than last season and have the best front lines but we need to improve the defense,” Marotta said.

Despite the problems in the back line, Juventus have the best attack in Serie A. La Vecchia Signora scored 27 goals from nine games.

Source: Italian Football

October 25th, 2017

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Mourinho Talks about MU Transfer Plans in January

Jose Mourinho open vote about transfer plans Manchester United (MU) in the winter transfer market, January What is the Portuguese manager’s response?

In recent months, MU is rumored to be hunting down some of the world’s top players, such as Gareth Bale (Real Madrid), Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid), to US all-round player Monaco, Fabinho.

Mourinho is rumored to ask for an additional player in January. The player was asked Mourinho to replace one player who failed to get MU in the transfer market last summer.

“I do not know what I’m going to say.It’s true I want four new players, we do not get a fourth player, but we can adapt to the existing squad,” said Mourinho.

Mourinho insists do not need a new player for United. Despite six injured Red Devils, including Marouane Fellaini, Eric Bailly, Michael Carrick, Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marcos Rojo.

“The injured players, then recovered, this is a cycle in every team, I do not think there should be any activity in January except to affect the balance of the team, I’m still waiting for them (players) to recover soon,” the 54-year-old said.

“I do not want to discuss MU’s transfer activities for January, it’s October, it’s November and December so why are we talking about it now?” close Mourinho.

October 21st, 2017

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Conte: Morata Can Play Counter Rome

Alvaro Morata can return to play when Chelsea face Roma in the Champions League early on Thursday, Antonio Conte said.

The club’s hottest recruit suffered a hamstring injury in the first half in a 1-0 defeat to Manchester City before the international break yesterday.

The striker also could not play when the defending English Premier League champions were beaten 2-1 by bottom team Crystal Palace at the weekend.

Even so, Conte has confirmed the 24-year-old striker could be played counter Rome in Group C’s advanced match at Stamford Bridge.

“Alvaro Morata is likely to play in the game against Roma later,” said the manager in a press conference.

“He has followed all the training sessions with us and we hope he can play for the game later. We need quality up front. “

October 18th, 2017

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Monaco Ready to Release Lemar Season

AS Monaco did manage to keep Thomas Lemar this season. But they are ready to lose the Frenchman next season.

Lemar made a brilliant showdown with Monaco last season which led his club to the French League champions and advanced to the Champions League semi-finals. He made 14 goals out of 55 appearances throughout the competition.

This made his name fragrant and became the target of many big European clubs. Liverpool and Arsenal are then scramble for his signature in the final days of the transfer market last summer.

However, for one reason or another, Lemar finally remain in Monaco uniform. Surely this is so good news for Monaco who has lost many of his star players.

However, Monaco can not do anything if Lemar finally chose to leave the club next season. For Lemar own predicted would choose to seek new challenges outside France.

“Liverpool are very interested, but Arsenal really almost got it.Like it but it was too late then, not enough time to finish the deal.All elements did not go hand in hand at the time,” club vice president Vadim Vasilyev was quoted as saying. Soccerway.

“I am very happy that he will stay with us, we need players like Thomas Lemar, he is very important to our team,” he continued.

“Of course we will look again at all the summer situations next year, even though you know there is nothing definite in football We should lose some players this summer but not for some factor.”

“I think it’s more appropriate to say that Thomas had a chance to leave next year.Is Jan, I myself do not know, but we did not think about it at the moment, that’s not part of our plan.”

“We have to wait and see how the teams perform in different competitions, whether anyone is interested in him and his ambition after the World Cup, it seems unlikely that the team made some changes in January,” he concluded.

October 13th, 2017

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5 Things You Can Learn from Indonesia’s Vs Vietnam Stunt

Indonesia national team to play a goalless draw against Vietnam national team in advanced SEA Games 2017, Tuesday (22/08/2017). There are a number of things to watch out for the outcome of Indonesia vs Vietnam match.

Here are some interesting things should also be considered from the game Indonesia vs Vietnam:

1. Miss Evan Dimas

In the match versus Vietnam, Indonesia played without Evan Dimas. The attack manager must be absent because he has received two yellow cards.

Without Evan Dimas, Indonesia seems difficult to develop the game. Apart from the slick game of Vietnam, Luis Milla’s troops have trouble developing the game so it always dominated the opponent.

2. The importance of emotional control

Indonesia had to play with 10 players throughout the last 30 minutes of the match after Hanif Sjahbandi was sent off by the referee. Arema FC midfielder was expelled for elbowing the opponent’s players.

If previously not received any yellow cards, Hanif’s offense deserve sanctions. It also proves that the players still need to control the emotions, let alone underdeveloped.

“He is a young player and sometimes a mistake.” In the future, young players should be more emotionally controlled, “said coach Luis Milla after the game.

3. Excitement can overwhelm excellence

Indonesia more often play in opponent pressure when facing Vietnam. However, the fighting spirit Hansamu Yama cs make the goalkeeper Indonesia remains virgin for 90 minutes, despite being bombarded many times.

“I am very happy with the children tonight, they play full of struggles tirelessly,” Milla told reporters, including at a press conference after the fight.

“We admit that Vietnam is more dominant but we are able to hold it especially if we play with 10 players,” said captain Hansamu Yama.

4. Have two tough goalkeepers

In the game Indonesia Vs Vietnam, Luis Milla was forced to play two goalkeepers. It was not separated from the injury suffered by Satria Tama in the middle of the second half.

Satria Tama is then pulled out and Kartika Ajie enters. In fact, the last name is also not in fit condition due to a minor injury in the match versus East Timor on Sunday (08/20/2017).

However, Indonesia’s goal remains untouched by goals from Vietnamese players – except for two offside shots. This proves that Milla has two options right under the crossbar.

5. Great escape opportunities

The draw has indeed left Indonesia in third place Group B with 8 points, two points behind Vietnam and Thailand. However, the last two countries will face each other in the final match.

If in Vietnam vs Thailand one team win, Hansamu cs enough win with any score against Cambodia who always lose from four previous games.

Another case if Vietnam vs Thailand play a draw. Because the first measured is productivity, Indonesia must win with a minimum score of difference of three goals to qualify.

“For me the series is a series, but we can be a moral victory today,” Milla said.

“I hope this draw will boost the spirits to win the next game, we have two days to prepare the team,” said the Spaniard.

October 11th, 2017

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President of Napoli slams Conte’s departure from national team

Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis spoke with media gathered in Florence on Saturday night

He was asked his thoughts about the Italian national side and he did not have good words for the former Azzurri boss Antonio Conte.

“It is not easy to have a group of regular players to practice,” De Laurentiis said.

“The national team is now chaotic, so when you [Ventura] choose a 4-2-4 system, which nobody really knows, you can only blame yourself. Conte ran away from this situation when he left the national team [joined Chelsea]. ”

“Sarri? He is the best manager I just got. I can not say that he is the best, and I also do not say that Allegri is better than Conte. ”

Conte was appointed coach of Italy in the summer of 2014 and he then left his position as responsible for the Azzurri two years later after leading his team into the quarter-finals of the European championship.

October 11th, 2017

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Manchester City Young Stars Became The Fastest Players In Premier League History

One impressive record successfully bagged Leroy Sane in the Premier League 2017/2018 new this age of corn. Manchester City’s young star has been named the fastest sprint player in Premier League history.

The decision to mend Sanuk as the fastest player is based on statistics from Opta who began recording top speed data of the green field stars of England since 2014. The German Rising Star touched speeds of 35.48 kilometers per hour as The Citizens travel to Chelsea headquarters in the seventh week of the Premier League . This surpassed Jamie Vardy’s previous record (35.44 kilometers per hour) created in 2015.

In the top 10 positions are mostly filled with players who plays as strikers, winger, until full-back. This is something reasonable because their task on the field is never far from running or sprint fighting. In this case Patrick van Aanholt might be able to pat his chest.

Although ‘only’ was recorded as the third fastest player (35.42 kilometers per hour) in EPL history, Van Aanholt also grasped the position of the 10th fastest player. Before recording this record in Manchester United contra game last week, the Dutch winger defender also recorded similar achievements in mid-2015 while still dressed in Sunderland.

Van Aanholt beat Anthony Martial (35.4 km / j, Man United), Moussa Sissoko (35.33 km / h Newcastle United), Shane Long (35.31 km / j Southampton), and Carl Jenkinson (35.31 km / j, West Ham United.Especially in this season, cousin of Leroy Fer is ranked second under Sane.

While Antonio Rudiger from Chelsea trailed Sane and Van Aanholt with 35.19 km / h. Man City still contributed the name in fourth with Kyle Walker who has run with a maximum speed of 35.16 km / j or 0.03 seconds different from the penggawa West Bromwich Albion, Oliver Burke.

Vardy’s name is still listed in the fastest 10 even though he has entered the age of three heads. Leicester City goal machine has a top speed of 35.09 km / h and sit in eighth position. Interestingly enough, Vardy lost quickly to Laurent Koscielny, the Arsenal deputy captain who was one level above him with 35.11 km / h. France’s central defender is only 0.01 different from Kiko Fermina’s record.

Sadio Mane which has been identified with the attacker with a super fast run can only occupy the position 10. Winger from Senegal who is now defending Liverpool it can reach 34.84 km / h. He even lost to Chelsea defender who is undergoing a loan period in Stoke City, Kurt Zouma, who is able to touch the number 34.94 km / j. Mane still has plenty of time to improve on his already outstanding achievements. (Source: Daily Mail)

October 6th, 2017

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